Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hyaloclastite Filmed

It's an AP story, so I'm not real clear on what I can say; AP has a notorious reputation for protecting its copyrights. But the photo is tres cool. "Hyaloclastite" is a term for a subaqueous glassy basaltic breccia. It's not that uncommon in areas with pillow basalt, and there are some nice outcrops not too far from my favorite coffee shop. It's sort of awesome to see the image, even if it's pretty much exactly what I expected it to look like. Article here, which describes the precise composition as "boninite," a rock name I hadn't heard of before.

I guess I'll call this a Thursday edition of my "Friday Fragments" series, one that I've been woefully neglecting...

Followup, 6:18 pm: Oh, Tres kewl fer realz! BBC has video!


Bob said...

Both your photo and article links take one to a clickable map of the US, whereupon we are supposed to choose a state and then the newspaper.

IOW, linky no worky. :)

Lockwood said...

Well, that's odd... they're working for me. Here's the URL's. I'm wondering if it's because you're coming in from out of the country?
If you can find the article, click on the little picture for tha enlargement.