Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I have never before had as many as 200 visitors in a day. Right now my count is 315, and that's up from 309 just a couple of minutes ago. Of the last 100 visitors, 86 have come in to an archive of posts from June.

And it's not even noon yet.

This appears to be the picture that's attracting all the attention, but I'm not sure...
(From Pundit Kitchen)

So why is it, six months after I posted it, and when the original is in a really popular spot, that everyone is suddenly breaking down the doors of this little blog? And why has no one left any comment, positive or negative, regarding this?

I don't really understand the internet.


Tucker said...

I remember this post and laughed out loud (lolled?) when I first saw it -- though the pic is a tad unflattering, the message is, I think, totally appropriate.

It occurs to me, though, that the BBC news website had a story yesterday about the horrid picture that pops up when one does a google image search for Michelle Obama. Perhaps this has had the effect of bumping the interest in other M. Obama pics?

Lockwood said...

That has been my guess, too. The offending picture has been removed, so I don't know the particular picture in question. I have done various searches with variations of Michelle Obama, Michelle Obama pictures, Michelle Obama racist pictures, and so on, and haven't found the picture above in any of them, at least out to a few pages. Unsurprisingly, the British papers have been all over this. US papers, not so much.

The count to this point today is 639.

Silver Fox said...

I went to the archive you linked to, and forgot I wasn't looking at recent posts, and left a comment on the tectonics of the Basin & Range post, where the west ended up being a mass of islands. I'll go get more coffee now!

Anonymous said...

I saw better pictures in a zoo.