Friday, November 27, 2009

Dancing in Line

So I heard it through the grapevine, Blue Gal has initiated a contest challenge and exhibition to perform Photoshoppery magic on Katie Couric's freaky frolic photos. Not being able to drop hundreds of dollars on a piece of software, I have to make do with Paint.nettery, but I'm happy with the results. The picture will get about 50% bigger if you click on it.

Other participants I've seen thus far include:
Driftglass (front here)
Darkblack (front here)
Tengrain (front here)
Dr. Zaius (front here)
Blue Gal (front here)
Fried Green Al Quaidas (front here)
DCap, guest-posting at MPS (see Tengrain, above). DCap HQ is here.
Thanks to Blue Gal for letting me crash this party! And just to clarify, the first link in each line will take you to the particular post that holds the results of Ms. Couric's dance moves; the second will take you to the top, most recent posts, of the blog in question.


Tengrain said...

Well done!



Fran Langum / Blue Gal said...

It's just an exhibition, not a competition--no wagering please.

And hey I only got the real ps from the bf a couple weeks ago--nothing wrong with I still use it for an easy conversion to sepia.

Nice work my friend.

darkblack said...

These celebrities are just going to have to watch their pee's and q's from now on.

Good to see your work, Lockwood.


Dr. Zaius said...


mark hoback said...

Nice job, Lockwood!

Freida Bee, MD said...


(And. an apropos verification word: afteechie. That's a good name for what Katie's going, I think.)