Monday, November 23, 2009

Fox News Will Go Out of Business

From Talking Points Memo, via Tengrain at Mock, Paper, Scissors:
After a rash of mistakes and apologies over the past weeks, Fox News has sent a memo to employees announcing a new "zero tolerance" policy for on-screen errors.

FishBowlDC obtained the memo, sent last Friday, which warns mistakes could lead to written warnings, suspensions and termination.

"Please know that jobs are on the line here. I can not stress that enough," the memo reads.

Fox has had three much-noticed errors in the past few weeks. First, Sean Hannity used misleading footage to beef up attendance numbers at a Capitol Hill tea party rally -- an incident that caught the attention of the Daily Show's Jon Stewart, forcing Hannity to apologize on air.

Then, last week, one of the midday news shows aired footage of an old Sarah Palin campaign rally to show the "crowds" at her current book tour. An anchor apologized a day later, and Fox blamed a "production error."

Finally, in another segment about Palin's book, the network showed the cover of a satire book called "Going Rouge" instead of her actual memoir, "Going Rogue."
Oh, man, this is going to be fun to watch. As Tengrain put it, "I suppose they could show Glenn Beck blowing bubbles for eight hours." Is "Bubbles" Rupert Murdoch's nickname?

Followup: Steve Benen at Washington Monthly with a somewhat more sober take.

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Terrant said...

They make too many honest mistakes for their explanation to fly. I remember them listing Sanford as a democrat when he came clean about his hike. For some reason they had no problems identifying him as a republican when he was opposing Obama. I guess it will the little guys being punished for doing what they are ordered.