Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dobbs Quits CNN

NYT, first brought to my attention by John Cole at Balloon Juice. How long before he starts at Fox? Is immigrating from CNN to Fox even legal? Will he need a green card?

Frankly, this is long overdue. The line up when I still watched TV and CNN from time to time was Dobbs, then Beck. Then Beck jumped ship to Fox; it seems that Dobbs just took a little longer. I'm sure we'll never know whether he decided for himself or if he was given an ultimatum by CNN. Dobbs fancies himself as a rational centrist, and does a more convincing job of playing one than Beck ever was able to do. More convincing, that is, until you actually pay attention to his coded- or not- extreme racism. I suspect that a move to Fox will be humiliating to him, but he'll take their job offer and salary regardless.

Followup: Via Firedoglake, which seems to be paying close attention to this story, and updating this post frequently, Dobbs has not only announced his resignation, but that it is effective immediately.


Andy Cohen said...

I'm a little worried that he might run for public office.

Lockwood said...

So are others. This was posted within minutes after the news broke, so I hadn't read any analysis yet. The general consensus at this point seems to be that Dobbs' politics are dangerous, but politcal ambitions would harm Republicans and benefit dems. One guy described it as a Peron and Perot situation.