Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Nobel for Whiny Egotism Goes To...

Silvio Berlusconi! Come on down!
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has described himself as the most persecuted person "in the entire history of the world".

Mr Berlusconi also said he was "the best prime minister we can find today".

In an impassioned statement, he then mistakenly told reporters he had spent millions of euros on "judges", before correcting himself to say "lawyers".
I haven't followed Italian politics as closely as I might have, and I thought his problems mostly involved paid "escorts," models, starlets and maybe sexual harassment. My own personal bias is against involving sex in politics- both are dangerously irrational to begin with, and combining them seems likely to lead to a critical mass of stupid behavior. But apparently, there have been some pretty serious allegations of corruption and bribery, and apparently Italy has had a policy of immunity for its Prime minister (which seems to be an open invitation to corruption). However,
Italy's top court lifted a law granting him immunity while in office.
Ruh Roe. I need to start following Italian news more carefully. It sounds even weirder than US news.
Mr Berlusconi said he was a "dam against the Left in Italy."
Ahh. Maybe not. Maybe it's just the same old, same old. Although I'll bet "the Left" in Italy is actually left, not just right lite.

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