Sunday, September 20, 2009


I like words. I like learning new ones. I especially like learning new ones for things I'm familiar with, but didn't know had words. So I liked this piece. The words are:
  1. Petrichor
  2. Elflock
  3. Nidor
  4. Salmagundi
  5. Scree
  6. Don Juanism
  7. Tenesmus
  8. Podsnap
  9. Hibernaculum
  10. Muliebrity
Now I knew #5, but I didn't know its etymology, and I knew #9- it's an often-used concept in science fiction- but I didn't know it could be used appropriately in natural science. I have mentioned often that I love, love, LOVE #1, but I didn't know it had a word. Podsnap is perfect; the world needs that word. Nidor sounds like it should be dark and evil, but unless you're a vegetarian, it's actually more of a warm, loving memory: I still recall the Thanksgiving nidor from my grandmother's kitchen. Tenesmus got a giggle from the middle school component of my personality.


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