Monday, September 21, 2009

He's Coming to Take You Away, Ha Ha!

It's sine waves, so it must be true; mathematics is always true. I've seen in a number of places (Pharyngula, Bing McGhandi, Buzzfeed) that today is the rapture. So if you're one of the Xrazy Xristains who believes in that kind of thing, ta ta, bon voyage, toodle-oo, and such like. Don't let Heaven's gate hit you in the butt.

I'm not sure if it's an all-at-once sort of thing, or if it proceeds in an orderly manner around the time zones. Since it's already tomorrow in some parts of the world, I'm assuming the latter. I'll keep an eye out to the east from time to time, and report here if I see clouds of people rising into the sky. I'm also looking forward to checking out the website tomorrow and finding out if Gabriel also raptured the godly parts of the innertubz.

If I follow the storyline accurately (and I'm not sure I do, or even can), we now get seven years to make a start on cleaning up all the messes that mindless adherence to bronze-age religions has created.
Yes, it is. And Frabjous Day, Calloo, Callay, it's leaving earth today.

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Rawley said...

God has a frequency of 8*10^-12 Hz? That seems pretty unimpressive.