Monday, September 21, 2009

New Record?

Earlier, Accuweather was predicting a high of 99 today; they've dropped that to 97. Either way, it's about as hot as I can tolerate already. I was just outside, and FYI, I still don't see swarms of people rising into the sky. But there's lots of sunshine pouring down. The record for the date is 95, and it seems pretty likely we'll break it.


Followup, 5:15: Current temp is only (only) 90 degrees; it's unlikely to get any warmer. We had brisk winds from the north yesterday, indicating a high from the west was moving in. When a high moves to our east, it can drive desert air over the mountains and into the Willamette valley. The high desert is about 3000 to 5000 feet elevation, so as the air descends into the valley, it compresses and warms up. My suspicion was that this phenomenon was the reason the prediction called for several days of unseasonably and unreasonably hot weather. OregonLive confirms this.

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