Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rational Debate

is not possible in this country. When a national representative interrupts a president's speech with "You Liar!" there is something seriously wrong. Was there ever a case where a US senator or representative ever interrupted shrub with a similar interjection? I don't recall such an instance, though clearly we might have been better off if someone had called BS on his BS.
I have not watched the speech, and I may not; I'll make up my mind as I read reports, and I'll certainly read the transcript when I find a copy. However, what is of interest to me is not so much what Obama said (I think the general outlines of that have been evident), but how he said it, and how various factions reacted. I've just seen evidence that at least one faction has decided to "just say no."


Terrant said...

I can't help but to think that if this was a previous administration, he would have been taken away by the secret service and placed in a free speech zone.

NK said...

I believe that Speaker Pellosi had the ability to "gavel" the man from South Carolina for yelling, which I understand is a fairly big deal.

If you watch the speech closely she does get serious quickly, along with everyone else, but apparently she decided not to punish the behavior.

Everyone I've talked to said that this has never happened in their lifetime.

I really don't care that much about the outburst, but the total lack of respect for all the history associated with public service is a bit troubling.

People need not respect the president in their private lives, but senators should at least have the maturity to let the president speak without interruption.

Do the Republicans resemble children going through the terrible twos to anyone else?