Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Would So Love to Teach This Trick To Ozma

but it isn't going to happen. She startles and moves away from anything that sounds like running water.

Speaking of which, we've been having steady, but fairly light, rains for the last couple of nights, then occasional light showers during the day. I think the precip is supposed to taper off over the next 24 hours, but it's actually been very pleasant. I love the odors associated with the first fall rains, as the parched ground and vegetation come back to life.

I've been referring to this 2-3 day window as "our fall preview trailer." We'll be back to summery weather by Tuesday; 90's are not unknown in September, but I hope we're done with that range for the year.

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lydia said...

I thought that was a touch-on sink at first, and i felt bad about their water bill.
The rain and wind yesterday knocked over my 10 ft sunflowers; it seemed symbolic of summer being over. Now I suppose it's pumpkin season; those are still going strong.