Sunday, September 6, 2009

"Green Czar" Steps Down For Telling the Truth.

Van Jones, who was Obama's "green jobs tsar", has been the subject of a campaign by conservatives ever since they uncovered a video from last year in which he described Republicans as "assholes". The public airing of such a view is awkward for Obama at a time when he is trying to win over Republicans in support of health and energy reforms.
No siree, wouldn't want any awkwardness. No prob when the Pres and VP candidates refer to a reporter as a "major league asshole" (and never apologize, but did regret that people were offended), but when an environmentalist, civil-rights activist, and (gasp) brown person has correctly referred to republicans as assholes at some point in his past... well! We mustn't have that. I gather Beck has been having conniptions over this for several days.


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