Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday Words

Almost forgot it was Wednesday, but don't worry: I remembered. So per request, here are my favorite defintions from last week's edition (there are a few more good ones in the comments):

dubtrala, when you come crawling back home at 6am after an all-night boozefest, à la Dubya. (Randal, and very close to my take on the word)
(Close second) - a reggae remix of a song from an early Disney movie (Anonymous)

sudlibbi- Leftists from southern Germany. (Dean)

boodeval- the process by which something scary loses it's fright value (devalues) if it's repeated too many times. (Dean)

anooks - a movement for truth in ethnographic filmmaking, formed in reaction to famed but highly staged documentary "Nanook of the North." (Anonymous; my definition was "street talk used by a guy to describe an extended period of involuntary celebacy: "I been anooks fer over a month, man!)

ingedup- what a sleeping drunk says when you try to wake him (Anonymous- this one becomes clearer if you space out the first two letters: I n gedup)

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Dean Wormer said...

hydromes- what you put around your underwater garden.

imbities- tiny imbeciles

gambal- betting everything!