Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dead Man Talking

At this point in the recession, you've probably become familiar with the term "zombie bank," a financial institution that can continue operating, thanks to government support, even though its debts outweigh its assets. Now it's time to add a related descriptor to our public discourse: "zombie politician." The term describes a political figure whose electoral worth is less than zero and whose ideas are totally bankrupt, but who can continue to offer up political guidance because he's kept on life support by media-generated oxygen.
(Marc Cooper in OregonLive) Gingritch may be the poster boy of this phenomenon, but honestly, can you name any nationally prominant republicans who don't fit this description? As I've said before, I take no joy in the complete shambles the republicans have made of their party. I pointed out to a friend earlier that, contrary to her statement that the republican front line "has turned out" to be crazy, my feeling is that the party leadership has actively promoted the photogenic members who have demonstrated abilility to talk in non-sequitur soundbites, and actively avoided showcasing members who acknowledge that sometimes hard problems don't have simple answers. The fact that the photogenic soundbiters are lunatics is almost predictable.

Honestly, repubs, I most often disagree with you, and you anger me more than I'd like. But I'm rooting for you, and hope you get better soon.

One-party rule is not, and cannot be, functional.

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