Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Monster of the Week

Mysterious blobs discovered in the Arctic Ocean near Alaska. I'm not going to blame this on global warming. Yet.

Followup, 6PM: photo and video here, neither very high quality, but still intriguing. Here's how I think Climate change is implicated: from Wikipedia on The Blob (movie), "The film closes with a scene of a military plane dropping the Blob into an Arctic landscape. The film ends with the words "The End", which then morph into a question mark..." I always suspected that dumping the blob onto the icecap was a bad idea. Now, with the ice melting down, and Steve McQueen no longer around to help, it's on the rampage again, and we're in a world of hurt.

Followup, Fri. July 17: It's algae.


Dean Wormer said...

I hope you caught a glimpse of that mysterious mass some knucklehead filmed in a sewer drain a couple of weeks ago. Also very creepy.

Lockwood said...

Dean, yeah, I actually posted that too, along with an explanation (tubifex worms)