Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday Words

Almost forgot. Randal Graves gave us two definitions:
-nonpolo, a derogatory term used by the upper crust to their social inferiors.
-stablye, a state that occurs after the lye stops burning your flesh. (I was not going to define this one, but say, "Most of us have two. Marty Feldman only had one")
And Mel sent a good one:
-Wooter is obviously the guy at sporting events who goes "Woot! Woot!" (to which I responded, "I always wondered what thet guy's name was.")

With that, here's this week's words:


Dean Wormer said...

graspe- what Chaucer does when he's hanging off a cliff.

evibirp - a new Wonka soft drik that leads to perpetual belching.

Randal Graves said...

fleabile: an extreme state of being nubile.