Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yay! Another WIN For the Free Market!

See, there's no point in regulations (or enforcement) in a free market, capitalist economy. Corporations want to do right and serve their customers, and they know it's not in their best interests to, let's say, just as an off-hand example, manufacture products intended to sanitize skin and wounds in conditions so unclean that users of their products could contract serious, life-threatening infections from the products themselves. No Siree! That'd never happen if goddamn big government would just keep its meddling nose out of everybody else's business.
Some of Clarcon's products are marketed as antimicrobial agents to treat open wounds, damaged skin and to protect against various infectious disease. The FDA said its inspection revealed that the Clarcon facility in Roy, Utah revealed violations of manufacturing practices, including contamination of products and a lack of a sterilization plan or recall process.

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Dean Wormer said...

You know that's kind of gross but hardly unexpected.