Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Funnies

They're down there somewhere...(From ...if you get your eyes open wide enough to find them. They'll hit you in the face like a wall.

Oh look! There's one! "Where's Waldo?" for beginners:
(From Picture is Unrelated) And for those whose Waldo-seeking skills are a little better developed, there's another one over at Abstruse Goose. However, if your eyes are as bleary as this poor fellow's, you may have a hard time with either of those 1- and 2-star puzzles.
I got several positive responses from last week's "Checker-faced Dude," so here's a "blueberry dude" also from Tattoo Disasters.

On a related note, we seem to be adjusting to the fact that not only do we look, we are looked at. It's probably because of all the benefits of being under constant close scrutiny..
(From Noise to Signal) Sticking with the meme of "look," here's a new look for a couple of old icons that made me look twice before the joke sunk in:
This is a t-shirt design promotion for AAAS (the American Association for the Advancement of Science). Hat tip to Arizona Geology for bringing it to my attention. Now as strongly opinionated as people are over whether or not "evolution" should be taught, I get very frustrated over how little they understand it. "Evolution" in its current colloquial usage simply means "change through time," and no one disagrees with it. The issue is, more specifically, how do living things change through time. In broad strokes, Darwin got as close as anyone could have hoped. People generally don't realize how contingent that elegant piece of work was upon accptance of the conclusions of much earlier revolutionaries...
From Abstruse Goose; click over for the full comic. You have to wonder what he would think of this:
I am assuming (and praying) that's a photoshop job; I live too close to the ocean (about 50 miles as the crow flies) to feel safe if that thing and its family are running around loose. (From Serious Lulz) I'm also curious what Che Guedarwin would think about the current educational controversy over his theory (despite what you may hear, there is no controversy about the general characteristics of the theory amongst scientists, only over the details.)
(From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal) An aspect of evolution that has always fascinated me is the way individuals of different species can cooperate to the benefit of both. Symbiosis, or more accurately, commensalism, can lead to seriously awesome combinations of strength, guaranteed to overcome all potential enemies...(Serious Lulz) Convergent evolution is another fascinating aspect of life on earth in which, because of similarities between the functions two dissimilar organisms need to perform, their body shapes, or morphologies, are pushed by selective pressures to look very similar. So, for example, the forms of sharks and dolphins are quite similar, because they both benefit from being streamlined. The forms of dolphins and the now long-extinct ichthyosaurs are even more similar. Likewise, for many birds, having a flashy crest or elegant, colorful tail can help attract mates. For the Pope... well, no, I guess that doesn't quite work out...
pope totally looks like cockatoo
see more Celeb Look-A-Likes. The Pope's official stance on Priests, Rabbis and Bars is worth noting too. Even if that flashy crest won't help him when he delivers those great, Vatican-approved pick-up lines.
song chart memes
see more Funny Graphs. And afterward, we can have a driving contest!
(Criggo) I don't like bar fights, but I've seen a few. I don't think they can end well, but sometimes they end less badly. And sometimes worse.
hugo weaving
see more Lol Celebs. I've never witnessed anyone get killed, but I have seen someone suffer heart failure. It's pretty scary...
donald rumsfeld, george w. bush and dick cheney
see more Political Pictures. The best kinds of fights are imaginary: you can't really loose, and no one actually gets hurt...

This kind of fight will rarely end in physical injury, but can be psychologically devastating:
song chart meme
see more Funny Graphs. But here's one woman I wouldn't want to exchange fisticuffs with:
(From Pundit Kitchen) In food news, Kittehs all over the world let out a cheer when they saw this, from Serious Lulz:
"The way you see others reflects what's inside of you.
Which is why everyone today looks spicy and Mexican."

But that does not mean everyone is going to be super-tolerant when you get on the elevator afterward...
engrish funny considerate air
see more Engrish. In fact, if you disobey the sign, you may be sent off for a sojourn in the delightful spot:
Oddee had a funny piece on the consequences of letting random neon sign letters burn out; the above is one of them.

As I've noted, but still haven't put aside time to really discuss, we've had some unusual weather here in western Oregon this week: very warm and muggy, with some wild clouds on Wednesday and what appears to be a record-setting storm on Thurday. The key to good weather reporting is creativity: mix it up so the audience stays interested.
From Criggo, of course.

Well, it's finals week here at OSU, and a week from today a new class of graduates will take to the field and listen to the wisdom and recommendations of an inspirational speaker, before moving on to the next adventure of their young adult lives. CJSD offers ten important points (five more at the site) these graduates should ponder.

10) I look out here and see young, energetic faces ready to take the world by storm. Well, if any of you even think about trying to take my job, I'll fucking shank you.

9) Cherish this time you'll spend living at home until the economy improves.

8) Many of you leave college perhaps with more questions than answers, wondering what will happen when you walk across this stage and depart this campus. Except those of you in ROTC, your orders are taped to your diplomas.

7) For the love of God, use spell check.

6) Once you get out to the "real world," there will be times when you're confronted with things that shake the very foundations of your beliefs: The theory of evolution. The geological age of the Earth. Female orgasm. But in those dark times, remember this: you have something stronger than facts. You have an education from Bob Jones University.
So here's wishing "Good Luck" to all my young friends this week. Try not to stress out over finals; they're really not as important as you think. Assuming, that is, you actually took advantage of your opportunity to learn the material, rather than just cramming it into your head for a few hours so you could pass a test. In that case, you should probably just skip your finals and start over with your freshman year.


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Some great ones, as usual - love the "hero" dinosaurs saving all us mammals! :D

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Nice graduation thoughts. :-)