Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday Words

Annnnd... it's Wednesday again! Thanks to last week's participants, who came up with some fun suggestions for additions to this crazy language we call English. I do have a few questions for you all... would this be more fun if I actually listed all the entries that came in for the previous post, or is the link back to the short post and comments enough? Would it be more fun if I withheld the comments until the next post, then put them all up at once? I know that sometimes I just feel, "Wow, there's no way I'm going to top that one!" then don't even try. How about voting on the suggestions? Just tossing out some ideas here... I'd like to get a few more folks playing. The two or three players we get each week come up with such great definitions, it seems there must be even more.

And with that quick quiz, here are this week's five would-be words:


Dean Wormer said...

"Additions" to the English language?

I vote for putting the ones you like up in the post.

irolleg - "Igor, what are you doing for Easter?"

enalayew - Mario saying "He will nail you."

Mel said...

I vote for posting your favorites as well...