Saturday, June 20, 2009

Geeks and Nerds

I tend to stay away from longer videos; generally, I'd rather read for 15 minutes than watch a video for that period. But this is a good one: John Hodgman explains that most of our current problems are rooted in the ages-old conflict between the nerds and the jocks. It was kind of eerie how many of his quiz questions I could answer, and by his standards I am way out there on the nerd end of the spectrum. He ends on a rather touching and hopeful note. My only quibble is that it might have been even funnier if Obama had been miked.

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Dean Wormer said...

There's so much truth in that. I was more of a jock in high school but always have had my nerdy side.

My wife recently asked me if she was "all that stood between me and total geekdom."

The answer was affirmative.