Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturd80's: Au Pairs

Two or three years ago, I went looking for this song on the innertoobz, without any luck. I was reminded of it again recently, and booyah! Paydirt! Yeah, it's a still photo, but I really like this song a lot, and I'm happy to hear it again, after a decade or more of missing it.
So while we're on the topic, here's a couple more from that group. "Come Again" is from "Urgh! A Music War." If you like post-punk/new wave music of the early 80's (and I do, you may have noticed), this movie is must-see. Go over to that wiki link and take a look at the artist/song listing to see what I'm talking about.
Finally "Sex Without Stress." Au Pairs had only two studio albums, but in them, they focused heavily focused on the politics of sexual relationships- a topic I find fascinating, even while I choose not to engage in those politics, for the most part.

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