Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturd80's: Donnie Darko Edition

I've been pretty knocked out with a cold or flu for the last few days, and haven't come into Interzone since Wednesday. I've been told quite a number of times that I should watch Donnie Darko. I had been told the big spoiler, so I went into the movie knowing what was going on- to an extent- and didn't find it as strange or confusing as I would have otherwise. Still, I found it wonderfully bizarre, and bizarrely moving; there were at least four points during the film that I found tears running down my face. I won't give you the spoiler here (you might find some at Wikipedia), though my own feeling is that I enjoyed it more knowing the twist at the end than I would have otherwise. I can also say that it is, without a doubt, a movie I will go back to repeatedly, partly for sheer enjoyment, and partly to try to figure out what are answerable questions, what are differences of perspective, what are red herrings, and what are irreconcilable paradoxes (because life- and this movie- has those too, you know).

One more notable aspect of this film, which is set in 1988, is that it reminded me of quite a bit of 80's music; some was too poppy for my taste then, but is sort of nostalgic now, some had new covers done which I liked to varying degrees, and some I had just forgotten.

This is the original Tears for Fears version of Mad World (with a student-filmed video), which I prefer over the movie cover. I should add the proviso that in my opinion the cover fits the mood of the movie better. (The cover version can be seen here.)
Oingo Boingo, Stay:
Echo and the Bunnymen, Killing Moon:
If you like the surreal, puzzles and ambiguity, I do recommend Donnie Darko. Thanks to all the young friends who told me I'd enjoy it. It was sad and funny and very human... and I did.

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I hope you are over what ever ails you. And you had a nice Easter with your friends. Take care my friend.