Friday, September 17, 2010


Looking from the parking lot, away from my old high school, and down toward the football field, this mess is the result of one or more tornadoes that hit The Plains and Athens, Ohio last night. I have heard no word of injuries or fatalities resulting, but I'm sending best wishes to folks back there. Though I've lived in Oregon for most of my life, I'll always think of Athens as "home."

BTW, our class, AHS '77, was nicknamed "Rowdies," because, well, we were. Seemed like an appropriate post title. Here's a link to the full gallery where I found this; can't guarantee it'll stay put or public.

Followup: Here's another gallery, including the front page of today's Athens Messenger... a paper we used to refer to as "The Mess." Heh. And here's a funnel in development from YouTube.

Followup 2: Here's a local news article. I gather there were in fact a few injuries.

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