Friday, September 17, 2010

A Procession of Wedges

Matt (who I shall continue to think of as Pascal for some time, I'm afraid) at Research at a Snail's Pace has put up a call for posts for Accretionary Wedge #28: Favorite Desk Crops. Quoth he:
October's theme is going to be "Desk-crops." This can be any rock or other geological* specimen that you have lying around your office/desk/lab that has a story to tell. The spookier the better. Photos and/or illustrations are very important (although not absolutely required).

*in this case, "geological" applies to any "earth material" that either directly, or indirectly came from the earth. Lithified, or unlithified samples count. Artificial gems/minerals count, as do biological specimens that are directly or indirectly connected to an "earth science" message are also fine, heck a REE graph or spectrogram of some stuff is okay, too. But big, beautiful landscape photos of entire cliffs and bluff faces don't count -unless you have a mountain in your office. This might be okay if your office is on a cliff, I guess. Provenance photos alongside deskcrops are also good.
Now of course this does not mean you missed AW #27- the deadline for that one is a week from this coming Monday, September 27. In case it's slipped your mind, the theme for the proximal wedge is "Important Geological Experiences," and while we have a few great submissions, we need more to establish a respectable allochthon.

The exciting part of this whole thing is that for the first time in my memory- perhaps ever- we have two suspect terranes simultaneously sliding toward accretion. The thick, lithophilic crust of the geoblogosphere grows ever more robust...

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