Saturday, July 24, 2010

Exclusive! Journalist Finds Report From 2007!

So, um, yeah, if you know anything about seismic hazards, you know Turkey is a danger zone, along with Iran, the US west coast, yada, yada, yada. I just love the word exclusive in the headline. Reading through the article, I found nothing new or surprising to me. Then I got to the end and found that the article is apparently based on a report from three years ago:
The 2007 study by Erdik and Durukal says a magnitude 7.5 earthquake in Istanbul could cause up to 40,000 fatalities, 120,000 injuries and noted that the casualty figure estimates were almost 10 times higher than those that would result from a similar quake in San Francisco or Tokyo.
Man, I really should get into this racket:
  • Exclusive: Volcanoes not caused by burning coal seams, claim scientists
  • Breaking News! Earth orbits sun, not vice-versa, in research stunner
  • Expedition to track writhing dragons that generate earthquakes
  • Brontosaurs thin at one end, thick in middle, then thin again at other end: proof found
  • Why 42? Scientists close in on question


Bob said...

Why 42? Scientists close in on question


(Are the Scientists in question mice?)

((capcha = ackoids))

Lockwood said...

I was really tempted to crank out a ridiculously long list just to emphasize how stupid this kind of thing is, but when I hit that one, I knew it would be all downhill afterwords. Thanks!

Professor Chaos said...

This just in. . . Mice said to be I'll-prepared for cats.