Monday, July 19, 2010

Conversation in Three Parts

One of the (countless) issues that currently has the right's collective panties in snarls is that (gasp) teh mooslims want to build a mosque at ground zero. They don't; the property in question is a few blocks from that site, and is owned privately. Property rights used to be a central issue for conservatives, but facts and consistency have been irrelevant to them for the last 30 years. So a couple of days ago, Caribou Barbie farted tweeted the following:Much hilarity, ridicule and snark ensued. So the Princess of Wasilla took it down, and farted tweeted the following:
To which Roger Ebert replied:
I have a difficult time understanding Shakespeare. The language is dense, many words are unfamiliar, the rhythmic nature imposes a patterning that is a lot of work to get through, and when I've watched movies or performances, it is too fast for me to make sense of. But I've found a couple of times that if I make the effort to make sense of his work, it pays off more richly than I could have imagined.

Unlike Palin, who, when I try to make sense of her words, ends up being more confused, uninformed and illiterate than I could have imagined.

Followup: Nice discussion that more clearly illustrates my point, from Steve Benen.

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Darius Whiteplume said...

It was Dumbya who started the misunderestimate thing. Geez, Palin can't even steal from someone worth stealing from?

Are you on Twitter? You should check out @SarrahPalinU5A. Whoever does that one is a riot.