Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturd80's: 80's Plus 30 Edition

In middle school, I was mostly a top 40 type. High school, I listened to whatever anyone else played, but didn't pay much attention. During the Cleveland years, I started paying attention to a wider variety of genres- blues, bluegrass, what's now called "classic" rock, Zappa, who's certainly deserving of a genre of his own, and others. Then during my undergrad years, I really started listening to a wide variety... though I purposely tend to emphasize new wave and electrowave- so much of that era of music seems to be forgotten. But even though I call this feature "Saturd80's," I certainly didn't stop listening to new music. Here's some more recent groups and songs I really like.

Tegan and Sara, Speak Slow:

The Shins, Phantom Limb:

Shiny Toy Guns, Rainy Monday:

I have to say, I can hear resonances of the 80's in all three of those. Maybe that's part of why I like them... (sarcasm) or maybe those musicians share my exceptional musical taste (/sarcasm).

Followup: I was just talking to a couple of my young friends, and was reminded of this one as well: Metric, Empty:


Tucker said...

I read somewhere once that Tegan and Sarah are "channeling such disparate artists as Cyndi Lauper and Bruce Springsteen" -- who happen to be the two artists I listened to most in the eightees.

Plus, Portland loves the Cure. Reverb guitar, anyone?

Lockwood said...

Thanks for the reminder, Tucker... I don't think I've posted any clips from either of those two.