Monday, May 17, 2010

You Did, Brit, You Amnesiac Idiot

Facebook friend TSM posted this video (originally at HuffPo) a little while ago. I gather from the linked article that this was yesterday morning. Though I had read the Times article about the undersea plumes Saturday evening, that was probably too late to affect the scripted talking points.

Still, the closing moments are astounding. Here's the transcript if it offends you to sit through Hume's pretentious intoning:
WILLIAMS: But I think it will damage the environment in the gulf and damage tourism and damage fishing. I don't think there's any question this is in excess of anything we've previously asked the ocean to absorb.

HUME: We'll see if it is. We'll see if it is. The ocean absorbs a lot, Juan, an awful lot. The ocean absorbs a lot.

WILLIAMS: I think Rush Limbaugh went down this road, "The ocean can handle it." I think we have to take some responsibility for the environment and be responsible to people who live in the area, vacation in that area, fish in that area. It's just wrong to think, "You know what? Dump it on the ocean and let the ocean handle it."

HUME: Who said that? Who is saying that? No one's making that argument.

My comment on the FB post was "If the oil concentration in those plumes is 1% of 1% (1/10,000) there's 20 Exxon Valdez' worth in just one of them. How 'bout we give Brit some swim fins and a weight?"

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Donna said...

Such ignorance and hubris deserves a weight without swim fins!