Tuesday, May 18, 2010

30 Years and About an Hour Ago

I was sleeping off Saturday night in my dorm room on the fourth floor of Hawley Hall, when I was woken by some jerk running down the hall screaming, and had to get up, lean out the door to yell "Shut the fuck up! That's not funny!"

He was yelling "The mountain blew up! St. Helens exploded!"

Blissfully unaware that the announcement was not a Chicken Little case, I went back to sleep for a couple of hours.


Julia said...

Wow. You slept through one of the most geologically significant events in your lifetime.

I think that is what we would call an EPOCH FAIL!

Lockwood said...

Julia- LOL! Absolutely! But as I've said before, I didn't start any geo courses until the following fall. I had been following the volcano news closely, but it had become dull, repetitive and routine. My sense to this day that it took everyone by complete surprise- even the volcanologists.

Still, I did get a good laugh out of your comment. Thanks!