Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tourism in Oregon

(click for bigger) Here's an interesting idea... a Google Maps template that uses the density of Panaramio photos as a proxy for "touristiness." I think at a certain level, it may not be the best proxy- for example Boise, Idaho is not a spot I think of as a hot tourist destination, but there are plenty of people there taking pictures. Nevertheless, from what I know of Oregon destinations, this is very good. The isolated yellow spot in the SE part of the state is Steens Mountain. Westward about halfway to the coast is a bright spot where Crater Lake sits. The coast is overall bright. Portland and the Columbia River Gorge are highlighted. The central Cascades, Bend-Sisters and Newberry Volcano stand out, and in the northeast corner of the state, the Wallowa Mountains are lit up as another bright spot.

With the exception of Portland, I'd say the ultimate draw in every one of those spots has its root in geology. Of course there's pretty stuff growing on the geology too, but the geology is the dominant factor.

Of course, I think pretty much the whole state should be bright yellow. I'll get to work on that.

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