Friday, January 8, 2010

What A Deal!

Via Pharyngula, and for sale at ebay
The photo is of a Cretaceous dinosaur track stepping on a human track. A Cat Scan and other methods have proven they are not carvings, but genuine fossil tracks. See the article. Our Interactive Internet magazine researches subjects like: Are dinosaurs alive today? Did an asteroid or comet trigger the Genesis Flood? Cracking the Satanic Code of 666, 276, and 23. How did dinosaurs become extinct? Was there an advanced civilization in ancient times destroyed by a worldwide cataclysm? What are UFOs, why are they here? Were there giants? Does the Da Vinci Code reveal the linage of the Antichrist from Gilgemesh? Is there evidence that dinosaurs became extinct 5 thousand years ago in a worldwide cataclysm triggered by an asteroid? Do you have any questions, or would like some specific research? Our team of 133 members will help.

Biblical Science News is an Interactive Internet Magazine that answers these questions from the Bible and Science. Well known paleontologist Jeremy Auldaney is the Editor. Professor Auldaney has published 9 technical papers on research. Five of them as Senior Paleontologist for the Creation Research Society's project on human tracks found with the tracks of dinosaurs near Tuba City, Arizona. One on the Asphalt Seeps at Rancho La Brea proving it was not a trap site, and that identical and similar sites are found worldwide during the Post-Flood Period. And another on Asteroids as a Trigger to the Flood of Noah. He has discovered and visited and studied almost every fossil site in California, archaeological sites, and fossil/meteorite sites in several other states. He has excavated dinosaurs with Dr. Carl Baugh in Texas, and Joe Taylor in Wyoming.

Subscribe to the Interactive International Internet magazine: Biblical Science News. Money returned if not satisfied.
At first I thought they were selling the rock itself (or a cast) for $5.00, but I think they're selling photos. There are more than ten left, but they're only going to be available until January 15th. So act now!

It looks so realistic! I love the square edges between the walls and bottom of the print, and the way there's a pressure ridge pushed up by the middle toe into the "human" print, but not by either of the outer toes. I wonder if that CAT scan (Co-Axial Tomography is an acronym or intialism; all the letters should be caps, or none of them. In this case "Cat" is not a proper name) told them what species of dinosaur it was.

Looks like granite to me. Putzes.

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