Saturday, January 9, 2010

Teabagger Terrorists

I haven't seen much of Fiore's work lately; his animations can be funny, but not consistently enough for me to go looking for them. This one is kind of not bad.

But he's getting death threats over it. Teabaggers, a sincere question: How is this different from the Islamic extremists you claim you oppose? It's wrong for them to levy death threats, or carry them out, in the name of their religion, but OK for you?

I just wish people would think a little before opening their yaps, or putting fingertips to keyboard.


pygalgia said...

I just wish people would think...
and that I had a talking that would be cool.

Fran said...

I think Fiore is a laugh riot. Cutting edge stuff, and not shy to call out Obama when he fuck's up too.
Death threats over a cartoon!

Good gawd!

These people are idiots AND they have no sense of humor!

The party of double no???

Lockwood said...

Pygalgia- yeah, as long as we're making wishes, I suppose I should wish for a pet dinosaur.

Fran- the thing that concerns me is that idiots with no sense of humor can be very dangerous.