Friday, January 22, 2010

Get Some Balls!

I have seen this video posted in a number of places, but I finally took time to watch it over at Ornery Bastard's place. Actually, it wasn't until I read that post that it registered what the joke was. This little faux commercial is actually pretty well done, and put a little more energy back into me, after 10 days or so of awful, awful news.

Iris asked me earlier what it was going to take to get the dems to find their nuts; my response was that they didn't have any. In fact, they didn't have ovaries, either. They're just little plastic Barbie and Ken dolls- they dress like humans, but are utterly neuter underneath it all.

If only Balls did come in bottles. Maybe we should start sending Ball's (canning) jars to our supposed Democratic supposed representatives?

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