Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Zappadan

It has come to my attention that the days between the anniversary of the death of Frank Zappa, December 4, and that of his birth, December 21, are known as Zappadan. Those of us who cherish his works and memory have a responsibility to foster his soul for, lo, these seventeen days, until he is reborn in all his glory.

Others I've seen thus far solemnly observing this holiday include
Blue Gal
Fried Green Al Quaidas
...well, OK, perhaps not so solemnly, but celebrating nevertheless.


mark hoback said...

Merry Zappadan!

darkblack said...

Solemn Zappadan blessings, Lockwood.


Al Stone said...

I really like your expression about cherishing Zappa's works and memory. I'm sure I share that with many who celebrate his work not just at this time, but all ywear. I wish you and all of them a happy Zappadan