Tuesday, December 1, 2009


One of the long-gone traditions of my childhood was the Advent calendar... A calendar with 24 (or 25 sometimes) windows that would be opened, 1 a day, until Christmas Eve (or Christmas Day, with the 25 window editions). I see these online versions each year, and found a couple today that I enjoy.

The Big Picture at Boston.com did a Hubble Space Telescope image Advent calendar last year; I'm glad to see a new one this year. I don't recall the image below, and it is awesome!
If your tastes are less to the amazing and beautiful, and more to lewd, crude and hysterical, Regretsy is offering an Advent calendar of regrettable Etsy products. Regretsy has, by satirizing and drawing attention to some of the less tasteful and/or skillfully rendered Etsy offerings, actually moved quite a few of these handiwork disasters. I get the idea that the items in this Advent calendar are indeed for sale, and might be acquired for that gag-loving (either in the sense of "joke" or "retch") person in your life who has everything, or for that person in your life you wish to offend deeply. The following December 1 window shows "The Ghost of Christmas Past:"
Remember, for both of these, you'll only be able to see one new image each day. Visit again tomorrow; I'm sure it'll be worth the effort.

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