Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Few Recent Science Image Collections

Dark Roasted Blend has a gallery of terrific renderings of recently discovered crocodiles via National Geographic. I have been less than impressed with NatGeo's science reporting over the last few years; they seem too eager to jump on sensationalist reporting, and sometimes don't vet their research and sources well. Nevertheless, their imagery is, as always, very impressive. Just take the veracity with a grain of salt.Another recent post at Dark Roasted Blend features some photos of magnificent science glass work created by a couple from 1887 to 1936 for a Harvard botany professor who wanted to show what plants actually looked like, rather than dead, faded, dried, and flat specimens. Yes, you read that right: the above are glass!Later in the same post as the glass plants is this photo of street art from Russia. I can't help but think of Night of the Lepus... (If unfamiliar, you can see some clips from this enjoyably awful movie here.)Finally, today's Big Picture features a selection of 24 shots from 100 photos on 100 consecutive days from Glacier National Park, compiled to commemorate the park's upcoming centennial anniversary. There is also a link there to the full gallery, but I haven't looked at that yet.

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