Thursday, October 29, 2009

Not Me

I'm not sure about the grass growing across the subduction zone... or are those meant to be trees? And I suppose illustrating the eruptive arc might have been carrying the pun too far. But still, I do enjoy these sorts of shirts. The tee we designed in the Geology Club in the mid-eighties was a line drawing of the Grand Canyon, showing the ancient gneiss in the inner gorge, the tilted Grand Canyon series, covered by the horizontal Paleozoic sediments. The caption read "So many beds... So little time." From the Neatorama Store with thanks to an old friend, Al.

Either GMail or Firefox is warning me in the e-mail Al sent me, "MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from"... the link I inserted above. Neatorama is not a site I know well, so I can neither support nor deny the allegation of fraud. I copied the picture into and saved it, so I'm pretty sure there's no nasties. Nevertheless, caveat emptor.

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