Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Dedicated to the easily frightened, easily amused, and easily excited child in each and every one of us.
The Catholic Church’s All Saints’ Day ( "Alholowmesse" in Middle English) was called All-hallows and the night before, All-hallows Eve, which became the word Halloween.'s Fact of the Day for today.
Scary, for sure, from Kikko's House, via Pygalgia
Halloween in Saturn's neighborhood. RedOrbit

Monsters meet such innn-teresting people!
Prepare to be eaten alive (invert the colors of this image to see the purposeful ambiguity of that statement: it's Heidi Klum wearing chocolate sauce... and nothing else)
Brilliant costume from Julia Segal's Tumblr
Skull Swap

The Monster Mash
David Bowie Goblin King Costume, via Great White Snark
Darius Whiteplume's Tumblr
In Brampton, Ontario, but hopefully nowhere near a school... The Daily What
Cannibal pumpkin from Buzzfeed.

As I commented when I posted this guy's clip of himself, storming Normandy, he would be so shot if he tried to pull his pranks in the US.
Whaddya mean, you're vegan? Is that supposed to make me feel better? Oddee, 15 cutest baby costumes
Recently discovered: the world's largest orb-weaver, at nearly 5 inches across. Ugly Overload
"Neither Bird Nor Dinosaur" (but very cute!). Bend Bulletin
Cerberus as a puppy, from TYWKIWDBI.
Hot Rage

Don't go in the kitchen... from Julia Segal's Tumblr, Skull Swap.
Or into the basement. Joshua Hoffine, horror photography... 19 more pictures at the link. Many creepier than this one. Seriously.

I may have posted the following before, I'm not sure. Smile!

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Charlie said...

Hair-raising hare -- I LOVE Bugs Bunny! And Peter Lorre! Thanks for the memory.

And then Labyrinth too? What a great movie "You have no power over me."