Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hot Summer

We've actually been having some refreshingly cool weather today, with a very light, misty drizzle for much of the afternoon. It looks like we might get some more through the evening, and the forecast calls for more Friday evening, but then back to later summer sunshine until at least near the end of September. Honestly, I'm more than ready for a cool, wet spell. That's not to say I'm ready to say goodbye to the sun until next June, just that I'd like a break.

People in the central US have been howling about their cool summer, and from the reports that I've read, with good reason. But a surprising number seem to think this "disproves" global warming, or at least calls it into question. Oddly, I posted a snarky response to this on Sunday, before this new summary in the NYT's dot Earth blog came out.

There are lots of links, most of which I haven't yet checked out, in the article linked above.

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