Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yay, Toles!

Tom Toles is probably my favorite political cartoonist, and that's saying a lot. Cartoonists generally, and political ones particularly, rank high in my list of heroes. Have you noticed that society hasn't torn itself to pieces (even if it sometimes feels that way)? Thank the cartoonists who find ways to help us laugh our way through tragedy.

Take a look through his archive here. I also recommend his sketches. Many days, it appears, he has two ideas, only one of which makes it to the finished comic. The sketch is often as funny or thought provoking as the comic that gets published (see below for an example, and todays NYT for an explanatory story if you don't get it). Also take a look at his home paper, The Washington Post: one of our country's finest newpapers. I do tend to spend more time with the NY Times, but that's mainly because I managed to mess up my e-mail news subscription to the Post. NYT puts a newsletter in my e-mail between midnight and one every night, the Post doesn't.

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