Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Geo 1095: April 14, Day 834: Wayfinding

An important aspect of being a geologist, or an outdoors person of any type, is noting landmarks for navigating. For example, I know the turn-off for Hole-in-the-Ground is right near milepost 31 outside of La Pine. No sign indicates that turn until you reach the gravel road itself, so if you're zooming down the highway, and see milepost 29, you know it's time to slow down a bit and watch the east berm more carefully. In this case, the relevant sign is more prominent, and placed, helpfully, both on the nearer side of the road, and near a hill crest. I spent years thinking Clear Lake was farther south, but it's closer to McKenzie Junction than I'd thought. The road down to the lake is narrow, one-way, and winding, and loops back to exit north of the entrance. So if you're driving south along 126, and stop here (VERY highly recommended!), you'll see this sign twice, once before your visit, and once again as you leave.

Photo unmodified. October 9, 2014. FlashEarth Location.

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