Thursday, July 31, 2014

Following Up On My Bif Bite

First tweets from the ER. The only downside of an ER visit at Corvallis' hospital, in my experience, (Well, beyond the fact one is often in pain, and the expense.) is the sheer boredom of sitting there with nothing to do. I accept this is necessary time to carry out various tests, develop the best interpretations, and plans for treatment, so I'm not complaining per se, just saying it's extremely boring for a person who likes to keep his mind busy. I can understand they don't want to have reading material (germ transmission between patients). TV might be fine for some, but I find most programming insultingly stupid, and ads worse. It wouldn't help me at all. So I took my computer along this time, hoping they had public wi-fi. They did. So I could get on twitter, catch up on goings-on, and post about my own situation. Including the fact my wrist was swollen to the point that it was in danger of being mistaken for a whale.
(typical Twitter type of mistake: missed the "on" between "etc." and "my hand") So here we are on the 31st. I just had a follow-up appointment this morning, and the Dr. seemed satisfied with my recovery. The swelling is down, but not totally gone, and the redness is apparently gone. (I have a difficult time seeing reds and greens, and never really could see the distinction that was so apparent to others) My hand is still kind of sore, but the dexterity is returning. And the pain in reaction to any sort of heavy task is still pronounced- so, for example, picking up a pint glass of coffee is still not going to happen without assistance from my left hand. However, I can put my wallet back in my right pocket. I'm able to fish that out without too much difficulty.

Most importantly though, I'm getting back up to speed on my ability to use the ol' laptop. Reading, scrolling, and typing are getting much quicker as nimbleness returns to my hand. So hopefully, I can get caught up on the Geo posts over the next two or three days.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I hope your recovery continues to do well.


SkinnyDennis said...

Glad you're on the mend. Time to bell the cat?