Monday, July 28, 2014

Cat Bite Fever: A Tale of a Jealous Bif

I'm not allowed to smoke in my new apartment, so four or five times a night, I trudge down the stairwell and go outdoors. Once the sun gets low, it's often nicer outdoors than in the apartment anyway, so it's turning out to be not as much hassle as I was afraid it might be. And as a bonus, there are a number of friendly cats running around the neighborhood, so I often socialize with them while I'm outside.

Saturday night, I met a new one to me... very affectionate. It (Didn't notice what sex it was.) spent a good five minutes rolling around, rubbing its head, belly, back, and tail against my right hand- I was holding my cigarette in my left hand.

When I went back inside, Bif was fixated on the smell of the new cat. He would not leave my hand alone. I would put him on the floor, and without pause, he was back up on my desk, sniffing at my right hand. Finally, without really looking him, I picked him up to set him down again. And he bit the hell out of my right wrist. I yelled OUCH! which apparently startled Bif out of his hypnosis; he ran off. I washed the wound area with soap and water immediately, then patted it dry until it scabbed over and stopped bleeding.  It wasn't that bad Saturday night, but by yesterday, it was pretty clear there was an infection in the area. I decided if it didn't get better by this morning, I'd bum a ride to the ER.

It's worse. It's red, stiff, hot and swollen, and my right hand is next to useless for any task involving more than an ounce or two of exertion. I can type this without too much difficulty, but it's uncomfortable at best, and painful much of the time. So I'll be off to the hospital soon. Expect delays in regular posts.

On the plus side, even though it's painful, I don't think the infection has progressed to the point it'll present any serious difficulties, or risks of secondary problems (e.g. sepsis). But I'll have to have a real doctor make that call. Wish me luck.


Cujo359 said...

Good luck. My cats never bit me deeply enough to be a worry, thankfully, but didn't stop me from worrying a time or two.

Professor Chaos said...

That's what you get for cheating on your cat, you hussy!

Anonymous said...

Ah, poor Bif....or should I say, poor Lockwood? I hope your healing is speedy and that Bif forgives you your transgression.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, I hope this is nothing serious and you are back to blogging soon.