Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturd80's: Post-Punk Edition

I have no idea what reminded me of this song, which was a staple of summer '83 (for my room mates and me, at least), but found it quickly. And what a pleasant surprise! What I'd recalled was the clever lyrics. What I hadn't recalled was the catchy tune, and in particular, I don't think I even noticed at the time how tight and accomplished the instruments were. Fun song! Human Sexual Response, Jackie Onassis:

Classic post-punk: Soft Boys, I Wanna Destroy You:
Violent Femmes (I need to do a devoted edition for this group sometime), Gone, Daddy, Gone:


Professor Chaos said...

Ever heard Uncle Tupelo's cover of "I wanna destroy you?" It's pretty damn good.

Lockwood said...

Don't think I have, but pretty much everything I've heard from Uncle Tupelo has been nothing less than excellent. I'll track it down.