Saturday, December 22, 2012


Recently one of the barristas here was playing a song that perked my ears up... it reminded me of something I'd heard plenty of times, but not for many years- 15 at least. It was driving me crazy. As I've commented before, my oddball brain is something of a hoarder, and the oddest facts and associations will pop up without warning. Sure enough, a few hours later, when the song that had played earlier was no longer on my mind, my internal boombox was still mindlessly mulling over a couple of musical phrases, and it suddenly dawned on me: Oh yes, "When I Dream," by Teardrop Explodes.
Now I had never heard the studio version, and never owned an album by these guys, but as an undergrad, I frequently listed to the BBC College Concert Series, and one Christmas they did a special of their choices for the best selections from the previous year. I decided to record it, and was very pleased I had- the whole set was great. So I've heard this one song from the group multiple times until the early 90's when that cassette disappeared one way or the other. Gotta love the internet. Lost things found again.

Followup: here's the song that played at IZ- totally different song, but I think you'll agree, some of the musical patterns sound awfully similar.

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