Wednesday, August 4, 2010


They had at least one fossil of one of these critters at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History when I was growing up... it mesmerized me.(image from the old standby online reference) When I saw the following photo from Picture is Unrelated a moment ago, my first reaction was "That has got to be shopped." Then "waitaminit... that looks familiar. Was it um... eurypterid?" I don't know if it's a mock-up for a museum or something, but it looks right to me.Whether it is or isn't, my memory freaks me out sometimes; occasionally I get to the end of the day and can't remember whether I've eaten or not. Yet somehow "eurypterid," correct spelling and all, bubbles up with barely a pause, 35 or 40 years later.


David Bressan said...

I think it's a production photo (the 2nd) of the TV-series "Walking with beasts" - where the model figured. However the models were also used in a spin-off of the "Walking with.." series produced for childrens, with the U.K. zoologist Marvel called "Prehistoric Park", like a "Jurassic Park" with prehistoric beasts - in the series he actually is travelling trough time to catch them all !! (the prehistoric beasts)

It's amusing that the picture from time to time get's published and discussed in various criptozoologist forums or sites if fake or real (!!)

Dana Hunter said...

@David: ROFLMAO. Poor silly people. "It's real! It's real! No, wait, that's plastic..."

Memory is weird. Yet another things on the list for formal complaint if we all get the shock of our lives and the "Intelligent" Designer exists. But I have to say, of all the feats of bizarre yet impressive memory, I think yours takes one of the top prizes, Lockwood!