Friday, October 19, 2012

Cheshire Cat! Clue 4

Dana standing in front of cinder cone deposits at mile 24.2 on the Quartzville trip. This was an extremely hot day, and the highly permeable nature of this pile of cinders means that air moves into the upper portion of the hill, cools as it comes in contact with the rock, then "drains" out near the base. I've never taken a thermometer to actually measure the air temperature near some of these vents, but there is a noticeable breeze, and I'd estimate it's in the mid 50's... very nice on a hot summer day! Natural air conditioning.
Another vent in the cinders. These two photos are in the spot labeled "Gravel Pit" near the center of this topo map crop. You now have three explicit clues to what's on the other side of the road from the Cheshire Cat outcrop, one veiled, and a couple I've dropped but not mentioned yet...

I'll post another later this afternoon, and given that I haven't even got a nibble on this yet, I'll mention I'd be happy to answer any questions that don't involve clues I'm planning on posting in the future.

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