Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cheshire Cat! Clue 3 for the Puzzle

Following on with the puzzle from yesterday, here's a view from near the stop at mile 24.2 in the road log- actually, a tenth of a mile or so beyond that, looking over a recent clear cut. Here's the approximate Flash Earth location of where the photo was taken. Dry Gulch is about a tenth of a mile to the right (~E) of where the photo was taken. We're looking from cinder cone deposits pretty much NW toward Canal Creek, along which the Cheshire Cat outcrop resides. Note the denuded flat platform in the midground is quite unlike the incised, rugged peaks that make up the bulk of this landscape.

Actually, here's a better way to see it- a zoom into the USGS 1:62500 quad topo map of the area. The stop at mileage 24.2 is the spot labeled "gravel pit" near the center of the map (It clearly was a gravel pit when I started visiting the area, but it's overgrown now, and that's not so obvious.), and the Cheshire Cat outcrop is in the spot marked "quarry" just to the SE of the bold "Canal" label- the rest of the label, "Creek," is cut out in this crop, though visible in the FE links. The topo map view really helps emphasize how this odd bit of landscape is quite different from its surroundings..

Also, did you figure out what the second clue was, yet?

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