Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mmm... Food!

Though he's better known for Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah, I listened to one of Allan Sherman's albums on my MP3 player a couple of days ago, and was reminded of how much I enjoy this song. I looked up the lyrics a moment ago, and was pleased to resolve a puzzle that has stumped me for... well, nearly 45 years, I guess... the location of Columbee, China. Well, actually, it's column B (on a Chinese menu).

Hey! I tried to find this a year or more ago. Another great song that was in the playlist, You Went the Wrong Way Old King Louis:


Michael said...

You have good taste in comedy. Even though Allan is not the cutting edge in humor anymore I still play him on the show to decent reviews.The Goulash Song is pretty funny and one of my faves is One Hippopotami. He was always great with the word play.
RIP Mr. Sherman.

Lockwood said...

Thanks, Michael, and indeed. He died way too young.