Sunday, October 24, 2010

What You Could Read

You know, if you want: The Borowitz Report.  Here's a few titles and excerpts from recent posts. (To read the full post(s), click the title(s).)

Christine O’Donnell Favors Separation of Speech and Thought

“To tell you the truth, I don’t know if there’s anything about that in the Constitution,” she added. “In the version of the Constitution that I read, Big Bird didn’t mention it.”

Palin’s Evolution into O’Donnell Proves Darwin Was Wrong

Dr. Kyosuke stunned the conference when he presented his scholarly paper, “Tea Party Politicians and the Theory of Devolution,” in which he studied the so-called “reverse natural selection” at play in GOP candidates for Governor of New York. “If we chart the trend line from George Pataki to Carl Paladino, within fifty years New York might be governed by Cro-Magnon Man,” he said.

Rabid Dog Briefly Mistaken for Tea Party Candidate

The dog, later identified by its owner as “Mister Buster,” held the crowd spellbound as he barked, growled, and frothed at the mouth, eventually receiving a standing ovation for his exertions.
I may have already noted that last one- I know I meant to. But very often stuff just sits in RSS and gets forgotten, then disappears after a week or so. And the gag is still funny a second time, right?

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